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Mauritius customer cooperation

Time: 2017-04-12 10:36:00

Sam who from America ,the first clients of Leon’s alibaba!and after get the first order decide to visited our company!and give us a highly rating at the company culture,and be satisfied with our produce after the visited the workshop production process,just because all of the part of our product are raw-material!

Sheng Shi Chang Long Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd cover many kind of products :

Electric retractable gate, electric sliding gate, intelligent hanging sliding gate, automatic folding gate , suspension folding gate, suspended gate, and other 10 major series of more than 100 kinds of independent intellectual property rights of technology products, with nearly 100 national patents. To provide you with electric retractable gate project case, professional custom electric suspension gate, suspension folding gate detailed product prices, product pictures and other product information, you can contact us.

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