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Automatic single open folding gate L958B

·  Product Model : L958B ·  Production Cycle : 6-8 Days ·  Color : Gray or Custom Colors
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Folding Gate

Automatic cantilever folding gate structure and features:

1.The folding gate can  be done longest to 9 meters (8 meters for crossing ), highest to 3 meters.

2.The folding gate  assembled  from high quality aluminum alloy (frame material thickness 3MM) , no  welding  points. Overall modeling, durable, never rust.

3. The folding gate is a trackless gate type without wheels run completely vacant, completely free from the constraints of any ground, without any influence of rain and snow.

4.Folding opening: folding design precise link rotating mechanism, use of counter-rotating folding, folding doors run the synchronization program buffer, reliability, precision limit, running a small stroke, run small footprint.

5.The motor, control box is BAISHENG brand dedicated control box and folding top Runner, motor power is 120W.

6. The motor with thermal overload protection device, when the motor temperature exceeds 120 ℃, the motor will stop automatically to protect the motor life.

7.The folding gate  can be automatically transferred into the closed state, when the cargo vehicle or pedestrian  go out the back door shut on the body can customize (This function can also be selected to choose from, optional automatic closing press or manual button closed)

8.The folding gate  is equipped with a manual clutch motor ,means when a power outage can open the door clutch manhandled door with a clutch run key.

9.The folding gate  fitted between two body force 500 kg electromagnetic lock to prevent pedestrians forced open the door.

10. The  folding gate can be mounted a set of infrared anti-climbing device above , when the folding gate is in the closed state ,someone climb over the door, the alarm horn will sound an alarm sound (This feature is optional).

11.The infrared anti-collision device can be fixed between two goalposts , when someone or cars crossing the gate ,blocking the Laser infrared, the gate will automatic back  to prevent the door hitting people or cars, can guarantee the safety of pedestrians and vehicles (this feature is optional).

12.The solar energy-saving lamps can be fixed to the top of the gate goalpost, automatic charging during the day, At night, automatic lights illuminate the surrounding, pedestrians or driving at night can clearly see the surrounding circumstances (this feature is optional).

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