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The 7th Guangzhou Shade Door & Window Exhibition Pazhou Exhibition

Time: 2017-07-26 17:47:00

July 8, 2017, the seventh Guangzhou shade doors and windows exhibition, opened in Guangzhou Pazhou. QiGong our company  the booth number is located in 3B02, as the industry leading brand, attracting many business representatives and domestic and foreign customers to understand the consultation.

QiGong products covered: retractable gates, sliding gates, more than 300 kinds of high-tech products, with nearly 100 items National Patent.

In order to expand the company's electric door automatic doors in the domestic and international market business, improve product visibility, looking for product development of new information points and business development breakthrough, the company organized a good backbone on July 8 to the seventh Guangzhou shade doors and windows exhibition. Now, the buyer's seller market has changed, excellent products also need to take the initiative to promote, so that more people understand and accept, thus opening up a broader market space. Enterprises in order to survive in the international market for a long time, the exhibition is a very good platform.

QiGong quality products and professional services by domestic and foreign customers of all ages, in the efforts of all staff, the company's brand has a very good promotion, a company wants healthy and orderly operation is the need for the concerted efforts of all staff , Help each other.

Participate in the exhibition is the company to achieve product marketing, for domestic and foreign businessmen one of the effective ways. The company's product research and development requirements, target customers, the consumption level has a strategic direction.

With the rapid development of science and technology and information, the twenty-first century showed a distinctive feature of the times: the twenty-first century is a time of change, is a time of competition, is the era of knowledge economy! Social development and progress for us to create more opportunities, while fierce competition for each of us to the growth and development of the pressure is also growing. Enterprises should continue to enrich the knowledge reserves, and continuously improve the quality of personnel in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in order to survive safely to achieve rapid development.

QiGong products are widely used in party and government organs, enterprises, military, schools, gymnasiums, residential areas and other places. If you are interested to welcome to the successful booth, we provide you with professional consulting services, our booth number is located in 3B02 waiting for your arrival! The
In this,QiGong wish the seventh Guangzhou shade doors and windows exhibition to be a complete success! QiGONG over the years has been to high-quality, excellent service, a total of development for the business philosophy so the majority of customers loved by friends!

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