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Anti-riot drill to protect the QiGong company's security

Time: 2017-08-21 17:32:00

On the afternoon of August 4, under the leadership of the company and the leadership of the party branch, a total of seven party members were set up to set up the success of the Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. emergency maintenance team, and organized the first emergency maintenance training, the exercise on To further enhance our deal with the handling of unexpected events have a great help.

Party branch secretary Wang Lei comrades led the party members were the first anti-riot drill, for the explosion-proof exercise to be aware of the matters and the use of anti-riot anti-riot, electric baton and other anti-riot anti-riot device used to explain. So that members of the anti-riot air defense has been further deepened.

Through the exercise, our security awareness and emergency response capabilities have been further improved, effectively promoted the successful start of the safety of anti-terrorism, anti-riot work in a solid and in-depth, to protect the lives of workers and employees of the masses laid a solid foundation.

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