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Telescopic sliding door L980

·  Product Model : L980 ·  Production Cycle : 5-7 Days ·  Color : Gray or Custom Colors
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1.The calculation method of the expansion ratio of the translational sliding gate is as follows:

A:Translational sliding doors can be made of 2 segments of the 4 segment of the 5 paragraph of the four paragraph of the 3 types of straight line.The smaller the number of segments, the smaller the ratio of the gate.

B:Method for calculating the length of the contraction of the translational sliding gate:the length of the contraction=(the length of the gate/the number of segments of door)+0.5M+the number of segments of door-1*0.35M

Such as:The calculation method of total lenght 12 M and 4 segment of translational sliding doors contraction:the total length of the contraction=(12/3)+0.5M+(4-1)*0.35=4.55

2.Translational sliding door structure, functional characteristics

A.This product is made of aluminum alloy material and large die casting aluminum alloy chassis.No welding point.Overall shape beautiful concise.Sturdy and durable.Never rust.(Ordinary straight line door’s chassis is made of carbon steel)

B.The navigation device is installed on the chassis and the door body.Ensure that the opening and closing of the door can be kept in a straight line.

C.Have the function of voice prompt when the gate is running.Can remind Standing by the side of the people to pay attention to safety.

D.The front end of the door is provided with a pressure wave collision proof collsision strip.When people or objects encounter collision proof collsision strip.The gate will run in the opposite direction immediately after 2 seconds to prevent damage to people and goods.

E.Protective device for motor with overheat and overload.When the motor temperature exceeds 120 degrees will stop running, in order to protect the motor's service life.

F.Manual clutch device is installed on the door,When power is cut off, use the long handle key to open the clutch and then manually push the door.

G.The most lenght is 22.5M(Distance to traffic is 16M),The most lenght in the opposite direction with two doors is 45M(Distance to traffic is 38M).Is the first choice for large factories, squares, schools, stadiums.

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