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Suspension of sliding doors L1628A

·  Production Cycle : 6-8 Days ·  Color : Gray or Custom Colors
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The structure ,function of our sliding gate:

A  Rail: 4CM thickness aluminum alloybottom  plate16CM  Carbon steel plate  (the  weight of  12 length sliding gate is about  400kg)

B.Two sets of guide wheels  on  the rail to  guarantee the  doors move straightly

C.The portosystemic is protected by the support wheels are installed in the bottom of male drawer guide.

D.Holding Portosystemic and the motor driving a certain distance with the hanging wheels to ensuring the motor more durable.

E.With the Thermal overload protection device,t will be stopped automatically when the Motor temperature is over 120°c so that we can ensure the motor more durable.

F.With the Voice prompt functions,people will pay attention to it when the  portasystemic is moving.

G.With the anti - collision strips Posted on the front end and the infrared anti-collision device installed in gantries,it can ensure safety betwe the pedestrians and the portasystemic.

H.The infrared anti-climbing devices installed on gantries ,it will work while some one is climbing it or open it with force.

I.With the manually clutch means,it can be Converted to manually push by Clutch key when power out.

J.The portosystemic length can reach  24 m(19 m passable).

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