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The second time fire drill of QiGong

Time: 2017-12-29 20:50:00

According to government safety authority guidelines related to safety management, in order to strengthen staff understanding of fire control knowledge and understanding, strengthen the consciousness of fire and embody "fire prevention, fire control combined with" policy, improve the ability of overall defense self-help, on November 25 in the afternoon, launch successful intelligent technology co., LTD, the party branch organization in the third quarter of this year's fire drill, the drill in xiqiao town fire safety service coming to visit our company, staff are actively involved in them.

And then we have an fire-drill



Through this exercise, employees are required to keep fire safety at all times, to absorb the recent domestic fire accident lessons and strengthen the four measures:

First, fire fighting knowledge is in place.To do this, employees have basic common sense about scientific fire prevention knowledge and fire fighting and escape.

Second, responsibility tasks are broken down in place.The fire targets are refined, decomposed and implemented to people, ensuring full coverage of work objectives, full implementation of work tasks, and accountability for work.

Third, emergency plans are in place.The fire emergency handling procedures, fire evacuation methods and fire fighting measures are clarified, and the scientific nature and operability of the preplan are enhanced.

Fourth, safety hazards are in place.Daily patrol, especially increased the key parts of patrolling, the exhibition hall and repair shop, office, waste key parts such as requirements between those responsible for specific fire security measures implemented, electricity lines, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher for key parts such as safety performance will check regularly, found that fire hazards, timely rectification.

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