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New product seminar of QiGong

Time: 2017-12-30 17:23:00

QiGong R&D meeting is in every Monday night, the theme is a product technology exchange meeting, by participants in the work of the difficulties, need the help and support, in communication and discussion, we put forward their own original ideas, innovative ideas, to solve problems, and modification of innovation, ensure the normal operation of work.

And this time, the theme is the company's research and development department to release, on new product performance, appearance and first introduces the customs information, in the evening time after the arrival of the conference room to attend the meeting as soon as I get to you, believe that everybody is to want to know more new products and fohe first time to master new product information.

The first is the product introduction, everyone for the product structure, limit, packaging, installation, such as asking questions, head to answer one by one, some questions to answer, of course, we also actively discuss, discuss the solution.

For the development of the company's products should be a positive mentality, the new developed product, though there are many shortcomings, but we should not only see the shortcomings, because every time a new product launch, is an innovation, is should keep supporting and optimistic attitude, in the later believe to improve through your questions, make the products become increasingly perfect.

And after that, our company will improvement the issue of meeting, soon after we will have a new gate for child school gate in the marketing.

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