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360M accordion barrier export to Turkey

Time: 2018-01-26 16:11:00

In this mouth, QiGong company have 360m accordion barrier export to Turkey, this is the second business with this kindly customer.

Our accordion barrier will be see the customer as soon as possible, Pls waiting for it.

accordion barrier packingaccordion barrier export

So let me introduce our accordion barrier:

accordion barrier are widely used in urban transport, the army and the gate of important state organs and the surrounding areas, pedestrian streets, highways, toll stations, airports, schools, banks, large clubs, parking lots and many other occasions. Through the restrictions on passing vehicles, the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places, is effectively protected.

accordion barrier produceaccordion barrier show

And the important things is our barrier have many style, that show you, or we can according to your need to make it.

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