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Core values

The development history of our factory

Only forward is eternity. Bursts of time, the flow of time behind the accumulation of a period of extraordinary course, one by one wonderful story, accompanied by the success of the growth, pointing to a one dream.

In 2004

We set up a Fuhao Door processing factory in Foshan Chancheng which mainly produced pull gates retractable gates. At that time, we only had 150 square meters for the factory.

In 2005

We had increased rolling shutter and rolling grilles projects.

In 2006

We focused on Pull gates and retractable gates from October in 2006.

We established Dong Guan office , Guangdong, and Liu Zhou office,Guangxi in December 2006.

In 2007

We changed our name from Fuhao Door into Foshan Changlong processing factory which expanded 300 square meters for the factory in 2007.

In December 2007, we had 5500 square meters of stainless steel pull gate output exceed 1800 square meters a month before becoming the No.1 of pull gate industry.

In 2008

In May 2008 the factory cannot meet the production output. So we moved to the South Panyang industry area 16th where had 800 square meters. We kept being TOP 2 output of the pull gate industry and relate to retractable gate formally. The sales volume 1000 meters a month of retractable gate exceed 3~5 gates a month.

In 2009

We expanded process scale,moved to Gancun industry area where covers 1500 square meters. We treasure enterprise management and quality of our products so we had sales volume 2000 meters per mouth.

In 2010

In March 2010,the pull gate with a independent factory .

In August 2010,our factory developed with a steady pace, passed Foshan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau inspection and certification and built a large strong sale team selling 3000meters per month.

In 2011

In March 2011, The "ERP" system successfully developed, the company has made a big step forward in information technology.

In November 2011, the company expanded investment in the procurement of advanced semi-automatic cutting stamping equipment to replace the original backward manual mechanical mold, production capacity to further expand to an average monthly output of 4,000 meters.

In 2012
In August 2012, expansion of production scale,we moved to Hengxing industry area where covers 3800  square meters.

In September 2012, we changed our name into Foshan Qicheng door Co., Ltd . With registered fund one million.

In October 2012, the company invested 2 million yuan of new molds, folding plates, parts stamping welding department, at the same time independent research and development "door king" "guard" and other two series of 10 balance of patent products grand listing, production capacity upgrade to average Monthly production of 5,000 meters.

In 2013

In March 2013:,participated in the exhibition of International Door Industry in Beijing and signed more than 30 distributors on the spot.

In April 2013, opened International Alibaba, inroad into the global market.

In May 2013,became a member of Foshan Network Business Association.

In July 2013,participated in the Canton Fair Door Industry Exhibition, and the monthly sales broke 6,500 meters, which was a good result.

In October 2013,researched and developed “ Patriot”, “Auspiciousness”, “Expo”, “Smart straight door”, “Smart suspended door” five series and more than 30 patent product independently and be on market grandly.

In 2014

In March 2014,registered capital of company increased to 3 million.

In April 2014,certified by ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System and EU.

In June 2014,researched and developed “Smart suspended door”, the performance be raised to the highest monthly production and sales exceeded 8,000 meters.

In October 2014,the new plant moved to Baidong Jizan industrial area, Xiqiao town, Nanhai District, Foshan, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters.

In November 2014,opened Baidu promotion, 360 promotion, successfully opened Qidong Chenggong Wechat public account , and fans broke 500 at this month.

In December 2014,set up Qi Dong Cheng Gong Business Institute, overall implementing learning team construction.

In 2015

In February2015,researched and developed “ new gate head connector” independently, new practical patent product be on market grandly.

In April 2015,researched and developed “new straightener” independently, new practical patent product be on market grandly.

In May 2015,researched and developed “suspended folding door” independently, new practical patent product be on market grandly.

In June 2015,changed name as “Foshan Qidong Chenggong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd”, and registered capital increased to 5 million. Won “Automatic Door Industry Integrity Enterprise” title.

In July 2015,researched and developed “aluminum windbreak track” independently, new practical patent product be on market grandly.

In September 2015,won “Vice President of Foshan Network Business Association” title.

In October 2015,researched and developed “Baoding”, “Guardian”, “New Screen Door” three series independently, more than 10 appearance patent products be on market grandly.

In November 2015,researched and developed “ New King Kong”, “Luxury Big Bend”, “New Road Barrier”, “Night Vision Reflective Door”, “Smart Small Door” five major series independently, more than 20 appearance patent product be on market grandly.

In December 2015,won “Vice president of Foshan Automatic Door Association” title.

In 2016

In April 2016,researched and developed “Fifth Generation of King Kong”, “Courtyard door”, “Villa Door” three series independently, more than 10 patent product be on market grandly.

In May 2016,registered capital of company increased to 10 million, and certified by National High-tech Enterprise.

In October 2016,won “Vice president of Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association” title.

In December 2016,sales of retractable door and industrial door broke 10,000 meters, annual total production exceeded 80,000 meters, courtyard door broke 500 sets.

In 2017

In January 2017,introduced Target Management System successfully, Amiba Operation Model. Each department operating and accounting independently, dividend mechanism, and employee exceeded 230.

In February 2017,registered capital of company increased to 30 million, and developed Vietnamese market successfully, signed distributors in major city of Vietnam.

In March 2017,be invited to participate in Beijing International Door and Window Industry Exposition.

Unfinished, to be continued, more exciting see continued analysis next time... ...

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